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April 24, 2017 Statement of Campaign

     Cliff notes for those who don't want to read: America has always slanted towards the money.  When that happens, there is no fairness.  It is time to change. 

The newest policy beliefs are at the top.

     Why am I doing this?  Is it some kind of a joke?  Is it to get attention?  Is it some kind of performance art?  

     First off, yes, I am an actual registered presidential candidate for 2020.  

     Why? The simple answer is- I am weary of waiting for that person to come along and fight for the America that we were all promised.  We have been eternally abandoned at the station waiting on a train that simply does not come- for the rest of us anyway; and our calls for help go unanswered.  Right or left- no one is really listening anymore.  Well, I am.  I'm listening.   

     But it's not about me, it's about US.  Where are we heading as a nation, and where do we want to go? Why are we stuck in the mud spinning our wheels, but being told that we are just fine the way we are.  

     No, we are not fine.  We are better than what we have become at this point. 

     I believe whole heartedly in our country and our principles- when they are applied to all of us, not just the rich and privileged. I believe in the freedom of ideas and speech, but not when they are used to create harm to others. I believe in the American dream, but that dream has been corrupted. 

     We are not a corporation. We are not here to fill our lives with stuff to dull our national depressions.  We are not selfish & paranoid.  We are not here to murder and wage war. We are not here as commodity. We are not simply democrat or republican.

     We are a bold, beautiful nation of so much variety and possibility. It is time to act to make this right, not just for those who have money, but for every citizen of the United States, and also every citizen of the world who wants this planet to be better.  The sun will rise for a new day, we do not need to wait even one more day... What are you willing to do? 

     I am not asking for a vote.  I am asking you to think about what we want and need for our country in very large terms.  Instead of a tax plan, or infastructure, because we have the resources to deal with that, don't let anyone tell you different.  It's a great election talking point that disappears after election time.  

     I ask you to think about the direction of us as a people. What do we stand for now, and what must we put behind us?  We can acknowledge the mistakes of our past, and move forward by dismantling the oppressive system.  A system built to keep the rich-rich, and everyone else under the thumb.   

     What we have all been waiting for is nowhere in sight.  But, the everyday person has the chance to make this happen.  I have no plans for signs, or postcards, or mailers.  It's wasteful.  If what I believe in is shared in your beliefs, then let me know. I am registered under my name: Alan Gordon, and my committee is: Plaid4PreZ.  Speak up.  Tell people whether they believe or not, because just talking about what we want is enough to start.  The change isn't coming from those who are there, it's coming from us.  

     I believe in first changing the way we think, and then the rest can be accomplished.

     Rather than continue to discuss subjects as promises that will never be kept, why not discuss action that can be accomplished? How many politicians deeply discuss (which means talking & listening) Black Lives Matter, mental health, gay marriage suicide, addiction, rural poverty or free training to those who need it to put food on the table? 

     How many "politicians" have ever even experienced the despair of bills hanging over their head every single night while trying to go to sleep?  

     How many have seen first hand the pain of addiction?  Sexual assault?  Disease?  

     How many have experienced food stamps?  How many times do we have to listen to fear mongering about welfare, crime, and poverty- but not have any plan beyond the empty generic speech?  Speeches designed for fear, designed to hide true intentions.  Speeches filled with false words, hugging the flag, talking about how much they care for things that they have never supported or experienced.       Empty.  Hollow.   Lies.  

     How many more politicians will it take for us to realize that politicians are no longer serving the public, but now serve themselves. How much more do we spend on military, and ignore the everyday problems in our streets?  How much longer do we have to wait? 

     I am not a politician, I'm just a regular person fed up with our national non-action. I live in a city with a gun problem, but let's be honest- ALL of America has a gun problem.  We have a staggering, unconscionable amount of gun murders every day, yet we get bogged down in arguing for more gun freedom. Not because we need the freedom, but because the politicians arguing are well paid by lobbyists for their voice against reason. To cut funding to mental health, but relax gun laws for those with mental health issues, looks to me like a policy designed for tragedy.  What purpose does that serve beyond a money grab for manufacturing and the NRA?  

     We are told what we "want" as citizens, but behind closed doors- it is what the lobbyist pays for.  We are told that the money will trickle down to us all.  I'm sorry- but screw that.  

     Even the words "trickle down" are an insult to every American citizen.  Citizens that work hard every day to be good people.  Good community participants, good parents, good workers. Nothing good ever trickled down to anyone I know.

      Who am I?  I'm no one, and I'm everyone.  I’m just a decent person. I’m one of thousands who will fill out the paperwork to run for president, likely to be invisible because I'm not a billionaire, nor am I already a  politician.  I have $37.00 in a change jar earmarked for just this campaign, so we will see how far I get beyond the free paperwork and this opinion. 

     I’m not here for contributions. I don’t want money. I’m not asking for anything, and my views and opinions are not for sale. I'm not seeking media, or attention.  I’m an Artist, and I work in social services. I serve my community, and have done so for 20 years.   I'll leave the cameras and the cash for the soulless.  As this all started as a way of coping through humor & anger for the volume of Americans being thrown under the bus- but then, I started to take it seriously.  I am a very casual person. No Armani suits. No big budget backing by corporations already filled to the brim with our cash. No flashy jewelry. No moral superiority. I wear jeans, sneakers, and plaid short sleeves.  I don't have all the answers, just the obvious ones.  This is me, I make it plain.  A decent human who wants to live not on his knees just dreaming about what possibilities could be, but standing up for what should be our reality.

Stances on issues

 Reparations & Universal income:  This really links to the following universal income belief below, but lets handle it separately to start.   Let's change our point of view, see it without the baggage of 500+ years of slavery and poverty, and racial inequality.  Lets see it today.  If someone were to come to me and say, your car won't start- fix it yourself, I would have no idea what to do.  I know very little about cars, and they won't help.  I have no car repair manuals, and no access to repair instructions.  They tell me I should know, and I have the ability to learn.   In the meantime, I have a job to get to, bills, and I need a car to get around.  Apply this to the mentality of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps", if you have no straps, and no boots.  This is less about ancestors of slaves being paid for what happened to their long ago family, and more about the destructive effect of slavery on a segment of society.  Poverty does not care if you are black or white, male, female, young or old.  Poverty does not discriminate.  Jim Crow, and other racial inequalities are within my lifetime, and even currently happening.  How do you repair this?  I don't know.  But, I do know that a universal income of $12k per adult citizen  is more of a solution that the current broken social service system.  That seems excessive, but pales in comparison to Social Services, healthcare, food stamps, homelessness, emergency care, court system overload, community drains, and so many more after effects of poverty.  That money will be spent in communities by those that live there.  It's a bigger step to self-sufficiency in poverty, than any other idea out there.  It is an investment in citizens.  It is a step to repair centuries of cultural brutalization that still exists.  It is empowering for every citizen, and our entire country to have income.  To transition from too much government, and too much financial waste is work.  This is no easy task, but it is a truly positive step to ensuring our future as a nation.

Legalization of Drugs:  Honestly, I'm split.  I am not going to pretend I have no history.  I smoked pot as a teenager for 7 years.  The reason I quit was that I thought that it had paused my ability to mature and think as an adult.  That had a pretty long lasting impact.  I was immature emotionally, and immature mentally.  I also work in addiction treatment, and marijuana is NOWHERE  near as socially damaging as alcohol.  In fact, many drugs are not as damaging as alcohol.  Alcohol increase domestic and social violence, driving while impaired, negative life choices, and family dysfunction- just to start. I am for legalization of many drugs to see if we can change our current legal and social disaster that  has dominated the United States for decades.   Are some of the hard core drugs like heroin or crack going to be a problem?  Sure, but less than it is now if we prepare ways to address it through healthcare.   Addiction and legal problems are destroying communities, why not change to a new philosophy?  Take the power out of the drug lords, pharmaceutical companies, and the wealthy that dip their hands in our pockets- and put that power back into our care.  This also depends on the universal Income, and individual management.  It would take a very wise team to establish the guide to legalization and addiction, because obviously that would be detrimental to universal income.  This is an idea that should not be patently dismissed, and if it is- who is doing the dismissing and why?  All roads usually lead back to money, and fear of losing that golden ticket.

 Spending, Taxes & Budgets (oh my): Too much military and not enough caring for parts of our country in need. So much money is wasted doing nothing to help our citizens.   That said, with taxes: I believe that below a certain income line, taxes need to be lowered.  I know the wealthy don't like the idea, and want to dodge the bullet- but the poor are being taxed to literal death.  The middle class needs a break before it disappears altogether. Campaign pledge: I do not accept money.  

Personal Rights:  I do not favor anyone. We must all have equal rights period. I don’t care about your ethnic background, your gender, your age, your religion. We are equal. Get used to it, or get left behind. 

All Rights, All right: There is no group that does not deserve human rights.  Love is love, people are people.  It does not matter what your belief is, when you steal someone's freedom- you are wrong.  We all deserve the right for freedom and happiness- that is America.

Technology:  This is our future. I believe everyone should have access and education. I also believe our hardest hit areas in lost industry & poverty should have free access to tech training to create new sustainable jobs. 

Gun control:  I am not surrounded by careless gun owners, so I believe the statistics that say most gun owners favor regulation and safety. What on earth do you need a stockpile of machine guns and ammo for? You want a gun? You’ll have to take a full time course to earn it. Gun deaths are out of control, it is not time to quote an amendment that has nothing to do with this century. And if you believe in open carry as a right (in Denny's...Really?), it's time to stop. It isn’t a right, it’s scary. 

Abortion: Free choice. I don’t think it should be a choice as birth control, but really how often is that? No one has the right to say this choice cannot be made. Simply put, some people should not have children.  We need empathy for mistakes and even poor judgment, not unwanted children. Your body, your rights.

Religious freedom: Again, free choice- but don’t preach. Run your own life, do not dictate what anyone else should believe. Check the historical documents, this country was open to all, and not religiously affiliated when it was founded.  There was a very good reason why our founding fathers were against morals or beliefs becoming laws of the land.  It excludes anyone not in the circle.  It forces others to behave a certain way or face legal problems.  that's not freedom, it's oppression.

Welfare:  I work with it all around me. If you think it’s free money, or it’s easy money- you are dead wrong. It is barely enough to live in the worst areas, with the bare minimum of food to eat. If you believe people are getting rich, then you have been fooled by the same clowns that tell you that war is a noble cause and a hero’s glory. Both are Hell. 

Climate change:  It’s very real, and very threatening. To deny this is ignorant. We need to change now as the earth is dying.  Please.  Just stop.  There really is nothing here to argue against.

Jobs: Politicians love this word. No one wants a job that requires hard work AND you still need food stamps (Wal-Mart & McDonalds, I’m looking at you). Good jobs need a base of training and education. They need unions to ensure rights, and they need benefits. Without these basic elements that our ancestors fought so hard for, we are slaves to a corporation. I’d also like to add that I am for responsible pay scale. How is the worker sweating and toiling all day collecting garbage worth $10 an hour, and the president of the company (who may be very intelligent and good at what they do) worth millions a year? 

Research/Sciences:  We must fund and support this now, and in our schools. This will offer solutions to all of our problems. Science is fact not fiction.

Politics & Politicians: this is a mess with so much money and power drunkenness that nothing good comes of it.  I will take the income of this office and keep the amount I make now, then donate the rest to the charity of my choice.  I prefer to stay on my budget to keep my values.  Also, that donation will not be via 3rd party swindler company- it'll be direct to the charity.  I also pledge open door access meetings with people directly effected by the topic.  In other words, an all old white guy committee for anything doesn't fly.  The real voices are in our communities, not in big offices and suits.  When was the last time a politician that cast a vote on cutting food stamps did not have money for food?  When was the last time that millionaire had to live paycheck to paycheck?

Arts/Humanities:  I’m biased. I’m an artist. There is little to no opportunity to survive making art (all disciplines).  At the same time, the Arts & Humanities are our culture. Who we are as a people, and as a nation. We have to invest in culture to survive. 

Terrorism & Muslims:  No more bans and garbage like that. That is NOT AT ALL American.  No more hate, it's not acceptable.  No more blaming an entire religion for a sect of violent nut jobs who want the world to burn. As much as we want to turn a blind eye, 30 years of war that the US had a hand in -produced ISIS.  We need to own that.  Lets take care of our own faults and needs before we start shipping armies into other lands to tell them what to do.  My plan is to first provide humanitarian assistance (food, water, medical) to the areas of the United States that no one is doing anything for- how does Flint Michigan go for years with undrinkable water?  And once we have addressed those needs, then we can help the rest of the world.  We have the resources and the means.  Basic needs over bombs, that minimizes  the anger producing new terrorism.  It's a start. 

Taxes (again?):  Jeez- I pay a lot in taxes, and I see so much thrown away. Much of my tax dollar goes to great things, I want more great things to get funded. Not more military and more aggression, not a wall and unnecessary corporate funding. More good deeds. More food programs. More education, more urban and rural supports. 

Corporate assistance: Oh hell no. You are FOR profit, no more slimy backdoor deals. And that goes for these god damned tax funded sports stadium deals too.  $900 million tax dollars for a stadium deal in Vegas, plus benefits??!! Screw that!  If you show the plan to help a community and can accept monitoring that it is working for the people, here’s us helping you. If you are raping the land and the people, I’m all in on ending your public access to the tax dollar ATM. 

Native Americans:

The history oft he United States is one that is red with cultural destruction.  We all owe more to our founding culture than being cast out onto a reservation.  We can improve our leadership, our government, and our honor by reaching out to learn from, and fix this ongoing injustice against an entire culture.

Black Lives Matter:  OK. Please read through, don't just get mad. I saw a simple explanation that makes great sense. It is NOT about black lives over any other life. If there is a person wearing pink for breast cancer awareness, would you yell at them that “ALL CANCER MATTERS!” It is a movement to bring a light to a very complex issue of aggressive force against a community carrying the weight of hundreds of years of oppression. Have some empathy and listen. Too much opinion is made spur of the moment, take the time to think about this.  Take the time to listen.

Police and Violence:  I have lots of interaction with police. 95% of the time I meet some of the best people in my community. But that 5% is made up of people we all know. Power hungry, aggressive, bigoted people who can't wait to act on the animal inside. To blame every police officer is a mistake. To highlight the pressures of the job to allow actions that are illegal is a mistake. It’s time to let science come in to root out the 5%, and I guarantee change in our community. Police are there to serve & protect, not create fear & murder.  Again, take the time to listen.  There is more to this than a moments thought.

Voting: Holy cow, what back facing cancer causing lunatic came up with Gerrymandering? I understand it, and it is an obvious way to slant an election  anywhere it is used. Go back to step one, clear out this nonsense, and make voting super easy and fair.  A citizen wanting to vote cannot ever be made to freakin' jump through hoops so some schlub gets into office.  That is SO un-American.

Conspiracy theory: Yes, there are backdoor deals going on, but c’mon- vapor trails? Really? Look me in the eye and say that the best way to drug the masses is to throw it out of a plane at 10,000 feet. Open a book that will explain it for crying out loud, and turn off the garbage on infowars. I am stunned at the amount of people who hear this JUNK like Sandyhook was faked, Clinton has a child sex ring run out of a pizza place, or Aliens created the pyramids. C’mon…not only are you hurting other people, you are hurting yourself. You are ignoring the real everyday problems that you CAN fix to chase a god damned unicorn.

Politics/Morals/Religion:  Separation of church and state. Simple. Morals and religion do not belong in politics. As soon as that comes into play, nothing will ever get done. Need proof? Look at the last 25 years in politics. I have a simple rule that I go by. It’s often spot on, whenever someone talks God God God, God this and God that. When they judge others, and impose morals- they almost always have something that they are hiding. I respect beliefs, I love to even talk about differences. But as soon as you stop discussing ideas and respecting others, all growth stops. How is that any good? 

I do not have all the answers, just the basic obvious ones.  These beliefs are what will make this country get ripped from the hands of the bigots.  These beliefs are what the rich fear.   These beliefs are what we were promised when we all learned what country we live in.  It does not matter how we got to where we are, what matters is how are we going to get home.

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